Combatting Corrosion in the Wind Energy Sector

Combatting corrosion in the Wind Energy Sector is a vital requirement to protecting its future.

“The offshore wind energy industry has seen enormous growth in KWH of energy produced and now needs to look to the role of preventative maintenance to secure its future in the energy sector. 

It is highly difficult to operate in due to logistics for both construction and maintenance, along with the aggressive and corrosive environment.  Specifying the correct corrosion mitigation technology is vastly important for efficiency in terms of both time and effectiveness. 

Without long term effective preservation it could prove too inefficient and costly to be viable.

Our experience in the wind sector to date has shown us that we absolutely have a role to play in asset integrity and providing a flexible solution that allows operators to keep things running whilst providing vital corrosion prevention. We really want to support this industry to keep things moving as it becomes more integral to keeping our business and homes running.”

Ed Hall was interviewed By PES Wind Energy Magazine last Autumn, discussing new methods for combatting corrosion in the Wind Energy sector. You can read the full article here.

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