Protect and Preserve


The expected life cycles for pipelines and thus return on investment has been expected to extend over and over, with some pipelines aged between 25-40 years. However, decreased investment in maintenance for pipeline integrity over the past five years has meant that a real focus on cost efficiency has arisen. We at Oxifree believe that the return on investment for our Anti Corrosion Contaminantion thermoplastic coating is sizeable. Oxifree is both environmentally safe and recyclable during application meaning that service operations can be carried out safely, easily and cost effectively.

The HSE lead jet fire prevention plan involved removing any likelihood of flange material integrity breakdown and gas exposure by subjecting specified flanges, valves and unions to Oxifree TM198 coating – within a defined budget.

Oxifree metal encapsulation will create an anti corrosive shield to everyday serviceable pipeline parts such as; valves, flanges, junction points, and tappings.

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