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Utlities and Water

In the USA it is estimated that the annual direct cost of corrosion for the nations drinking water and wastewater is $36.0 billion and a magnitude of this cost can be related to all developed countries globally. Therefore prevention of corrosion of water supply facilities and systems is of paramount importance to reduce supply interruptions and effectively use financial resources.

With longevity being a key factor in the development of Oxifree municipalities can justify the capital investment in Oxifree throughout, ensuring that wherever possible the infrastructure is being protected and ensures longevity with minimal maintenance.

Provides corrosion protection of assets in Water, Sewerage and electrical distribution to minimize interruptions caused by premature failures

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Key targets are sewerage pumping stations and infrastructure, flanges, valves, inspection panels and many other essential components that are subjected to aggressive corrosion.

Water supplies and disposals are obviously a crucial aspect of everyday life almost everywhere around the globe and as such the environments can be very harsh. Oxifree metal encapsulation provides corrosion protection against a vast magnitude of environmental and chemical elements.

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