Key Questions on TM198, do you know the answers?

Over the past 4 weeks on LinkedIn we have shared 4 key questions our Business Development Team get asked regarding TM198. Its been interesting to see what they were and also get your reactions in the comments.

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The 4 questions in #TM198QuestionTime were:

Q What stops moisture getting under the edge as it does not adhere?

A The oils in the material create a membrane which stops ingress at the leading edge. In areas where material could be subject to external pressure above 1ATM or tampering, we would recommend the use of our compression bands and/or special edge sealant.

Q What is the life span of the product?

A TM198 has been tested to a wide range of international standards for aging and weathering with excellent results. Tm198 was designed for a 10yr life in a marine environment.

Q How can you assure the inhibitor oils will not “disappear” over time?

A The inhibitor oils are designed to self-polymerise over a period of years and will therefore maintain the protective membrane beneath the outer thermoplastic layer.

Q Can I still inspect my assets?

A Visual and Radio/Digital Inspection checks can be made, however for periodic inspection checks it is easy to remove specific sections with an appropriate tool and re apply using specifically designed machines. 

TM198 is an encapsulation system any leaks within a flange or valve will emit between the material and substrate so it can be physically detected. TM198 can be UT tested to ascertain coating thickness or to find pipe condition underneath without the need to remove. 

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TM198 Surface Preparation