Taking our training online

Our training is a comprehensive 5 day in-person course……. at least it was. But now we are taking our training online! 

It’s still comprehensive and we have enhanced it even further, but we are pleased to share that last week it went virtual!

Our team in Forfar, Scotland, have started conducting online training through MS Teams live in the workshop. We have set up cameras and monitors to take personnel through our full course and have completed several skills audits and follow up training so far to delegates in Brunei and Canada. This week we are taking new partners through the full schedule. 

We are really pleased with the initial feedback and the process to going virtual has helped us improve our general training capabilities. We are providing our partners with an even better service than before that will continue through to face to face training when we can get back to it. 

Way to go team Oxifree!

Thank you Wind Europe

Back at ADIPEC!

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A great year of shows

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