Protect and Preserve

Marine and Shipyard

The marine environment is without a doubt the most corrosive where nature takes its toll 365 days a year. Whilst paint coating can provide a reasonable protection to large areas of vessels it is inneffective for protection against corrosion to valves, flanges, winches, pulleys, bearing housings, pumps, hydraulic systems, steel to concrete interfaces and other equipment in storage.

Oxifree has the unique capability of encapsulating these components forming a 100% protective shield which eliminates the harsh corrosive environment destroying these essential spare components. With the increased use of aluminum in military vessels Oxifree can hold the key to eliminating corrosion caused by dissimilar metals.

All areas of the marine world can take advantage of Oxifree from:

  • Cruise liners
  • Military vessels
  • Naval vessels
  • Coastguard
  • Fishing Fleets
  • Workboats

How to works: watch our videos