Active Anti Corrosion Solutions

Polymelt 50 ATEX/IECEx 2-22

The Polymelt 50 ATEX/IECEx 2-22 was designed to offer the following advantages:

  • Greater levels of sustained working application of the Oxifree TM198 material
  • Work in ATEX/IECEx Zone 2-22 environments
  • The machines have been designed to go in a handy transport and storage trolley
  • The 50lb machine features a remote control unit to control flow pressure and pump operation at point of application
  • Machines can operate all day and do not require removal of material or cleaning when finished
  • Pressurised and purged enclosure with automatic siren and beacon to warn of any purge loss for use in hazardous environments
  • *NEW* super durable PVC cover available for all models purchased since end 2013

ATEX/IECEx Zone 2-­22 Safety specifications



Hopper Capacity 22KG / 50lbs
Operating Temperature 10 to 218°C / 50 to 425°F
Melt Rate (per hour) 10kg/hr / 23Kg/hr / 50lb/hr
Melt Rate (per hour) w/ Option Grid 41Kg/hr / 90lb/hr
Pump Rate per minute 10cc Gear = 1.8Kg / 4lb
Gear Pump Standard 10cc
Hose Output Zones 1
Maximum Working Hydraulic Pressure 68 bar (1000psi)
Temperature Control Stability ±1°c/1°F
Electrical Service Standard 230V 1Ph 30A 50/60Hz
230V 3Ph 16A 50/60Hz (optional)
400V 3Ph WYE 16A 50/60Hz (optional)
Working Viscosity 500 – 50,000 cps


Height (H) 120cm / 47in
Depth (D) 127cm / 50in
Width (W) 75cm / 29.5in
Weight (dry) 250kg / 550lbs
Hose Length 50ft
Purge System ½ Inch NPT air fitting, Manufactured to EN60079-0, EN60079-2, EN61241-0, EN61241-4 standards
Purge rate (initial enclosure pressurization) 8 – 10cfm @ 60psi
Enclosure construction IP66 rated stainless steel with anti static wheels,
EX Standards: EN60079–18, EN60079-11
FM Pressurized electrical equipment for use in Hazardous locations Class 3000, Class 3620
Pressure release rate 7-10psi per minute
Audible and visible warnings Purge loss Alarm siren and flashing beacon
Electrical EN670079-10, EN61241-10, ATEX CAT 3G and 3D Compliant
Manual override Key operated