We have one more product release for 2016 – our Polymelt 50 AI Cover. The cover has been designed to protect all Polymelt 50 AI Machines (purchased since end of 2013) from the elements whilst not in use, be it in the field, workshop or transit.

The cover is made of a super durable PVC which has been custom designed to fit the machine perfectly with straps to secure it in place.

Our Technical Manager, Ed Notley said: “Since the Polymelt 50 AI machine can be used in such a wide variety of hazardous environments (Zone 2 areas) we wanted to design a rugged cover to protect it whilst not in use at the end of the day, in transit to location or in the workshop when stored. Locations like processing plants, offshore platforms and refineries mean the machine can be subject to many elements, this way the cover ensures the machine stays protected.”

The cover is available for purchase through your local Business Development Manager.