Active Anti Corrosion Solutions

In Detail

Inhibitor coating is an oil based liquid which lubricates and actively displaces moisture replacing with a protective barrier.

IC creates a film which is not easily washed away, both versions have slightly different finished properties:

  • IC200 stays as a liquid residue after application and can be removed with a surfactant
  • IC500 forms a semi-solid membrane finish and can be removed with a degreaser

Both products are applied by a brush, working the non-solvent oil into the contours and crevices of any asset. It spreads with application and the oil will penetrate any existing corrosion and displace any moisture.

Surface preparation simply requires brushing away any loose debris, equipment can remain in operation saving both time and money.

“Essentially IC200/500 are taking the inhibitor oil element out of TM198 and varying its formulation to use as stand-alone, short-term solutions.” Ed Notley, Technical Manager.

IC200 and IC500 are non-flammable and solvent free.

IC200/500 offer:

  • Simple solution to short term corrosion problems
  • Savings to both operational and capital expenditure
  • Easy and fast to apply with no process downtime
  • Ready to use out of the bottle, no preparation required
  • Penetrates existing corrosion
  • Easily removed
  • No surface preparation required
  • No impact to bolt torque and friction coefficient
  • Solvents free and non-flammable
  • Lubrication for moving parts to aide disassembly
  • Works with other Oxifree products
  • Environmentally friendly


IC 200/500 Flyer

The image above shows a metal plate where 1/2 was protected with IC and the other 1/2 left exposed.

It was then subjected to 100 hours ASTM B117 Salt Spray Testing and subsequently left outside in heavy rain for 48 hours.

You can see the protected side remains in perfect condition and the IC unchanged.

Scenario application examples




Protection for parts awaiting installation within 7 days

Corroded parts requiring lubrication and protection to last to planned maintenance ~ 6 months

Newly machined parts that are going into a semi- protected storage environment for up to 2 years

Existing assets suffering from corrosion in highly exposed areas subject to wider range of environmental elements