Oxifree has received further funding from renowned UK venture capital firm Octopus Investments to develop a service operations and support subsidiary to the business in the UK. The new facility will be based in NE Scotland and will also form base for our new Operations Manager Brian Smith. The office will open this month and focus on service for the UK market and support of our strategic partners local and abroad.

Since its inception in 2009 Oxifree has developed a presence in over 30 countries with its anti corrosion and contamination solutions. Spanning multiple industries from offshore oil and gas to mining, utilities, marine and military, the organic thermoplastic coating TM198 is saving clients from the expensive cost corrosion brings. Oxifree previously received investment from Octopus in 2015 to develop the growing business and support its international operations.

“We have a solid international representative base and are looking forward to welcoming new partnerships later this year. However we have also recognised the need to develop a service division that can support the UK and our Strategic partners here. A facility based in North East Scotland along with HQ in Southern England allows us to house personnel, equipment, stock, and training facilities in support of a quickly growing market here in the UK and Europe” Says Ed Hall, managing director.

Oxifree TM198 is an innovative thermoplastic coating proven to increase the lifetime of metal components by as much as 1000%, and provide significant savings to the cost of maintenance.

Oxifree coating can be applied to live equipment without the need for costly shut downs. It provides protection immediately as it cools and solidifies within seconds on impact, even in the most extreme of environments.
Oxifree will be sharing the news of this development at Offshore Europe this week in Aberdeen (5-8 September), you can visit them at booth 5C114.
Visit http://www.offshore-europe.co.uk