The New Polymelt 50

At the start of the year we released our new and improved Polymelt 50. Several machines have been shipped to clients and we have received positive feedback on the improvements. Read on for a reminder about what the new machine looks like.

As part of our commitment to continuous product development, the PM50 has undergone quite the transformation to bring new benefits to our customers.

New PM50 highlights:

  • 5kgs lighter and 45% reduction in overall size – easier to transport and manoeuvre on work site
  • Integrated design – all equipment stored in one enclosure
  • New contemporary design
  • New soft wheels – improved impact/shock resistance
  • New machine usage and pump usage hour meters – more transparency to usage hours for maintenance planning.

The Polymelt 50 is our larger machine for the application of Oxifree TM198.  It has a tank capacity of 22kg/50lbs and comes with a 15m/50ft hose.

To create the new machine we took feedback from our own projects, feedback from customers, reviewed the environments our machines operate in and looked at the demands in the market.

Reducing the weight and size improves manoeuvrability, the new soft wheels make for smoother ride across often bumpy terrain. The machine heating and pump usage hour meters were incorporated to provide operators and owners more transparency in the actual time the equipment has run for, this allows for scheduled maintenance programs inclusive of preventative maintenance, all providing greater reliability and longevity for the equipment.