Oxifree Metal Protection was proud to sponsor the Climax Motorsport team again at the N24 Race at the Nurburgring Nordschleife track in Germany.  The event took place 25-28 May, with more than 200 vehicles racing for 24 hours around the longest race track in the world.

The Nordschleife is the most iconic racetrack in Europe and any event held here is a major challenge on the motorsport calendar.  The grueling 24 hour race is no exception.

Oxifree sponsored Team Climax last year and were thrilled to support them again.

The Team qualified 2nd in class and started strong, in fact all drivers achieved personal best lap times well into the final 12 hours of the race – when tiredness and driving fatigue is really starting to kick in.

They did experience some technical issues which resulted in a 2 hour loss to their overall time but it didn’t stop them from finishing.  In fact the car was faster and stronger than it has ever been thanks to the work of Climax Motorsport.

The team finished 4th in class, 89th overall.

Whilst 2 places down from last year, they were hot competition with a fellow competitor, (racing a new Porsche Cayman) concerned they were going to be beaten by the 23year old BMW M3.

Overall a real credit to the team  – congratulations all.

For further information please contact Oxifree Marketing, 01276 534110