Oxifree Global Ltd and Bilfinger Salamis UK have formed a strategic alliance for fabric maintenance solutions within the UK and Northern Europe. Bilfinger Salamis provide coating expertise and skilled technicians to the energy sector and both companies have worked together on a variety of projects in the last 3 yrs and see a benefit in a closer relationship to provide corrosion solutions to a broad number of industrial applications.

Ed Hall MD of Oxifree Group says, “We are very pleased to find a commonality in vision and approach to providing innovative, quality solutions to the industrial sector in a high profile partner such as Bilfinger. Oxifree has committed significant investment to supporting our partners and end clients in the U.K with service centres and training facilities based in England and very recently in NE Scotland. Quality of service and application of our products is paramount. Close cooperation with partners like Bilfinger help us control and enforce these values, to the benefit and value of the end customer”.

Sandy Bonner MD of Bilfinger Salamis UK says, “We already have a successful track record working with the Oxifree products, their corrosion protection solutions are very complimentary to our fabric maintenance service provision and capability. Bilfinger are trusted specialists who are constantly refurbishing and upgrading pipework and flanges across many onshore and offshore oil and gas assets. We recognise the benefits of Oxifree and are confident that this collaboration, combining a unique product with our trusted and skilled applicators, will provide our joint client base with a complete corrosion protection solution.”

Oxifree TM198 is an innovative thermoplastic coating proven to increase the lifetime of metal components by as much as 1000%, and provide significant savings to the cost of maintenance.
Oxifree coating can be applied to live equipment without the need for costly shut downs. It provides protection immediately as it cools and solidifies within seconds on impact, even in the most extreme of environments.